Zyma ‎– Thoughts

Zyma ‎– Thoughts
Release date:1978
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Zyma" is an obscure German band from the 70's. The band formed in 1972 from the Heidelberg/Mannheim region starting as a hard-rock band, and then moving on with the addition of a keyboard player, and then further instrumentalists.
Their original drummer Karl-Heinz Weiler later played with 'Nine Days Wonder' under the guise of "Hyzantius". The line-up seemed to be constantly changing, with musicians moving to and fro, but with four musicians (Brandl, Ferber, Hornung and Kübler) being constant on all their recordings.
Captured just as the band had gelled the two 1974 tracks, on the Kerston Records "Proton 1" double album, see a development on 1960's American Soul/Blues/Heavy styles rooted in 'Vanilla Fudge' and/or 'Chicago' possibly as previously frequented by other German acts like 'Frumpy' or 'Tomorrow's Gift'.
I guess there would have been many changes of direction over the next few years, as when they next appeared on the scene they'd changed style considerably.
Their debut album "Thoughts" starts sounding very British Jazz, almost a Teutonic answer to 'Nucleus'' 'Labyrinth', changing as it goes on, with a liberal dose of Darryl Way's Wolf thrown in, then moving on to very different musics like Wallenstein and Hoelderlin. The lengthy tracks are complex, full of instrumental breaks, solos, etc., but with odd 'Steeleye Span' folksy strong vocals.
The 12:33 minutes jam "Businessman" is an example of a nice 'Magma'-like Rhodes groove over which female vocals and synths lay down parts, occasionally changing its rhythmic structure for the bluesy chorus. The album released in 1978.

  1. Thoughts
  2. Businessman
  3. One Way Street
  4. We Got Time
  5. Wasting Time

  • Dorle Ferber - Violin, Flute, Vocals, Percussion
  • Günther Hornung - Pianos, Moog, Cembalo
  • Meinrad Hirt - Clavinet, String Ensemble, Flute, Backing Vocals, Violin
  • Bodo Brandl - Bass
  • Udo Kübler - Drums, Vocals, Bells, Vibraphone, Marimba, Congas

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