Rufus Zuphall ‎– Weiß Der Teufel

Rufus Zuphall ‎– Weiß Der Teufel
Release date:1970 
Genre: Krautrock

"Rufus Zuphall" is one of the significant Krautrock bands of the early seventies.
Formed in Aachen in 1969 and initially with a keyboard player as fifth man, the band melted together blues elements, the ease of Anglo-Saxon folk, classical influences and driving guitar rock with progressive song structures into an autonomous instrumental dominated style and live programme.
In the beginning the band was not so Germany-orientated but more towards the neighbouring countries Belgium and particularly Holland and their breakthrough came accordingly in 1970 in front of a 30.000 crowd at the Jazz Festival in Bilzen (Belgium).
Actually planned as a sideshow, they then played as the only amateur band next to such stars as 'Black Sabbath', 'Cat Stevens' or 'May Blitz' and were celebrated by the press as "surprise of the festival".
Previously "Rufus Zuphall" had even appeared with 'Living Blues' and 'Cuby' and the 'Blizzards', in the same year this was followed by gigs with 'Curtis Jones', 'Group 1850' and 'Golden Earring'.
Their self-produced debut album "Weiß Der Teufel" released in 1970 on 'Good Will Records' - a masterpiece of progressive rock.
The album considered one of the underground classics of the Krautrock era, a mostly instrumental, live and vibrant excursion full of raw energy and riddled with surprises, not least the side-long excursion based on the song "Summertime".
    1. Walpurgisnight
    2. Knight Of Third Degree
    3. Spanferkel
    4. Freitag
    5. Weiß Der Teufel
    • Klaus Gülden - Flutes, Percussion
    • Günter Krause - Guitars, Vocals
    • Helmut Lieblang - Bass
    • Udo Dahmen - Drums, Tablas

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