To Be ‎– To Be

To Be ‎– To Be
Release date:1977
Genre: Jazz Rock

A veritable supergroup of top pop and rock musicians from Hamburg (many of whom had played with the 'Achim Reichel Band'), "To Be" were surprisingly an instrumental jazz-rock band.
"To Be" is the debut album of the band, which present them as a multi-percussion focused combo, playing a bright/light instrumental music with Latino touches akin to 'Santana', with 'Return To Forever' like feeling in the guitar and piano solo work.
  1. Samba For Heino R.
  2. Flügel
  3. Is It Liebman's Song?
  4. Tell The Truth
  5. Glücklich
  6. Communication

  • Lemmy Lembrecht - Drums, Percussion
  • Peter Franken - Percussion, Drums
  • Peter Weihe - Guitar
  • Rolf Köhler - Bass
  • Claus-Robert Kruse - Keyboards

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