Trettioåriga Kriget ‎– Trettioåriga Kriget

Trettioåriga Kriget ‎– Trettioåriga Kriget
Release date: August 1974
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Trettioåriga Kriget"  was a Swedish Progressive Rock band, formed in Saltsjöbaden, a seaside resort southeast of Stockholm in 1970.
They were at the time all around seventeen and still in high school. The schools mainhall was in the beginning used as the rehearsalroom. This first lineup of the band was a sixpiece with two drummers! It included Stefan Fredin (bass guitar, vocals), Pocke Öhrström (guitar, vocals), Dag Lundquist (drums), Olle Thörnvall (harmonica, guitar), Dag Kronlund (piano) and Johan Gullberg (drums).
In 1971 Pocke, Johan and Dag K. left and Robert joined on vocals and guitar. In 1972 Olle quit playing harmonica to concentrate on the lyrics, leaving the band to concist only of Stefan, Dag and Robert. They decided they needed a good guitarplayer and started to audition some guitarists. Through these auditions they found Christer who joined the band in summer 1972.
In august 1974 released their debut album "Trettioåriga Kriget".  The album was an instant classic and is often considered as the first Swedsih Heavy Rock album.
They also now started to tour extensively in Sweden and also did several live performances on national Swedish radio.

  1. Kaledoniska Orogenesen
  2. Röster Från Minus Till Plus
  3. Fjärilsattityder
  4. Mina Löjen
  5. Ur Djupen
  6. Handlingens Skugga

  • Stefan Fredin - Bass Guitar 
  • Dag Lundquist - Drums, Percussion, Mellotron
  • Robert Zima - Vocals, Electric Guitar
  • Christer Åkerberg - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar


Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride

Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride
Release date:1974
Genre: Hard Rock

"Neon Rose" was a Hard Rock band from Stockholm formed in 1970 by vocalist Roger Holegard and guitarist Gunnar Hallin,and split in 1975.
The band inspired by "Iron Butterfly", "Emerson, Lake And Palmer" and "Deep Purple".
In 1974 released their debut album "A Dream Of Glory And Pride". The album received a mixed reception.
On March 18  1974 was the first big gig opening for "Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show" at the Stockholm Concert Hall. A gig that was traumatic and after the gig said Stanley Larsson resigned from "Neon Rose".

  1. Sensation
  2. A Picture Of Me
  3. Love Rock
  4. Primo
  5. Let's Go And Get That Boy
  6. Julia's Dream
  7. A Dream Of Glory And Pride

    • Benno Mengarelli - Bass, Vocals
    • Stanley Larsson - Drums
    • Roger Holegård - Guitar, Lead Vocals
    • Piero Mengarelli - Guitar
    • Gunnar Hallin - Guitar


    Midsommar - Belsebub Är Lös...

    Midsommar - Belsebub Är Lös...
    Release date:1971
    Genre: Progressiv Rock

    "Midsommar" was a Swedish Progressive Rock band, with touches, similar to "Nature", "November", "San Michaels", "Epizootic" and "Nebulosa". The band were among the earliest rock bands to use Swedish lyrics.
    In 1971 released their debut album "Belsebub Är Lös… " that was interesting musically, with more intrusive solo guitar, saxophone riffs and background hammond.

    1. Belsebub Är Lös
    2. På En Strand
    3. Drömmens Värld
    4. Jag Vill...
    5. Midsommar
    6. Staden
    7. Fantomen
    8. Till Morsan

    • Weyne Peterson - Vocals, Percussion
    • Lennart Andren - Vocals, Guitar
    • Dan Pihl - Organ, Piano
    • Reg Ward - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Percussion
    • Hans Olsson - Vocals, Bass
    • Peder Sundahl - Drums


    Epizootic ‎– Daybreak

    Epizootic ‎– Daybreak
    Release date:1976
    Genre:  Progressive Rock

    "Epizootic" was a Swedish Progressive Rock band formed in Gothenburg in the middle of 70's.
    In 1976 their released the sole album "Daybreak".The album consists ten songs where are sung in English. What the album lacks in production is more than compensated for by the music and the sheer energy of the performance. It delivers some really nice fuzz guitar and delightfully complex song structures with a basement feel to it. The inclusion of flutes and synthesizers give the production a psychedelic flair. Sometimes the band veers toward acid rock but its sound also owes just as much to 70's hard rock. Ericson and Fischer would later move on to heavy metal pioneers "EF Band".

    1. Epizootic
    2. Sunset Emotion
    3. Eye Ball
    4. Fantacy
    5. Daybreak
    6. What Mercy Is This
    7. Indian Reservation
    8. Pictures Of All Ordinary Lives
    9. Pluto
    10. Sinbad

    • Pär Ericsson – Vocals, Bass, Flute, Glockenspiel
    • Bengt Fischer – Guitar
    • Lars Liljegren – Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals
    • Lars Johansson – Drums, Percussion


    Kebnekajse ‎– Resa Mot Okänt Mål

    Kebnekajse ‎– Resa Mot Okänt Mål
    Release date:1971
    Genre: Progressive Rock

    "Kebnekajse" is the highest mountain in Sweden, but in the 70s was best known as Sweden's highest bands. The band formed by guitarist Kenny Håkansson in Stockholm in 1971 and influenced by both traditional Swedish folk music and African music.
    Hakansson was a famous studio guitarist already from the 60's,having played next to Bo Hansson, Leonard Cohen and Michael Ramel.
    In 1971 their released debut album "Resa Mot Okänt Mål". It was supposed to be a solo album, but during filming, he took part of the band "Homo Sapiens" and so arose Kebnekajse. This is not the folk they later became known, but more psychedelic rock.
    The sound is astonishing good at the time, and hold your attention for the full 39 minutes, that's the important thing.

    1. Tänk På Livet
    2. Frestelser I Stan
    3. Orientens Express
    4. Resa Mot Okänt Mål
    5. Jag Älskar Sommaren, Solen Och Varma Vindar
    6. Förberedelser Till Fest
    7. Kommunisera!

    • Bella Linnarsson - Bass
    • Pelle Ekman - Drums
    • Rolf Scherrer - Guitar
    • Kenny Håkansson - Guitar, Vocals
    • Homo Sapiens Choir (Choir) – Gunnar Andersson, Mats Glenngård, Pelle Lindström, Tomas Netzler


    Pandora – Measures Of Time

    Pandora – Measures Of Time
    Release date:1974
    Genre: Progressive Rock

    "Pandora" was a Sweedish Progressive Rock band formed in 1971 in Norrköping by drummer Bertil Jonsson and guitarist Urban Götling, later came the singer Peter Hjelm, pianist Janne "Flojda" Dockner and bassist Björn Malmqvist. Götling matured quite early by Åke Rolf (formerly H2O) and Leif Hellqvist. The group played harder rock music in the style of Uriah Heep from the start but then went over to the more symphonic crash and later elements from jazz, rock, when Ulf Stern and Gunnar Hermelin came up with.
    In 1974 their released the sole album "Measures of Time", which today is a very difficult found symphonic gem. The style that we see in this rare pearl of the Swedish music scene is an intriguing symphonic hard rock, supported by a lively rhythm section and of great value, with a low always highlight and embroidery piano entered with taste and widely present.
    "Pandora" finally split in 1980: Jan, Uffe and then Åke Rolf and Gunnar Hermelin continued their musical career in rock band Flojd & The Boys (which existed from 1975) while Björn Malmqvist entered in the symphonic orchestra of Norrkoping.

    1. Measures Of Time
    2. Dusty Ledger
    3. The Queen
    4. Life Is Good, Life Is Bad
    5. Tailor
    6. Mind Of Confusion

      • Peter Hjelm – Vocals
      • Jan-Erik Dockner (Janne “Flojda” Dockner) – Piano, Moog Synthesizer
      • Leif Hellqvist – Guitar
      • Ake Rolf – Guitar
      • Björn Malmqvist – Bass
      • Bertil Jonsson – Drums


      Samla Mammas Manna ‎– Måltid

      Samla Mammas Manna ‎– Måltid
      Release date:1973
      Genre: Progressive Rock

      "Samla Mammas Manna" ‎was a Swedish Progressive Rock band, formed in the region of Uppsala in 1969 by drummer Hasse Bruniusson, keyboardist Lars Hollmer, percussionist Henrik "Bebben" Oberg and bassist Lars Krantz. This pioneering Swedish band combines folk melodies with hard driving rock improvisations and Zappa-like humor.
      Bebben Öberg left the group in 1971, and guitarist Coste Apetrea joined them autumn of 1972.
      In 1973 released their second album "Måltid" (Meal Time). The new musical direction of "Samla Mammas Manna" was simply intricate, powerful and extremely cohesive all the way, offering a quirky, mostly instrumental Progressive Rock with influences from Classical, Jazz and Swedish Folk Music in equal portions. This fact can be recognized already from the long opener ''Dundrets Fröjder''.Groovy and frenetic Progressive Rock with shining guitar hooks by Apetrea, bombastic breaks and an impressive, rich sound with dominant keyboard (including organ, Mellotron and electric piano), bass and drums, only interrupted by humurous, wordless vocals.
      The rest of the tracks are also pretty outstanding, created by a band that now has found its own style and tight receipt.Crazy short- and mid-length instrumentals with a superb balance between loose moments and extremely tight interplays, characterized by rhythmic heaviness, jazzy improvisations,
      The album is one of the titles in the book "A Thousand Swedish Classics".

      1. Dundrets Fröjder
      2. Oförutsedd Förlossning
      3. Den Återupplivade Låten
      4. Folkvisa I Morse
      5. Syster System
      6. Tärningen
      7. Svackorpoängen
      8. Minareten
      9. Værelseds Tilbud

      • Lars Krantz - Bass, Vocals
      • Hasse Bruniusson - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
      • Coste Apetrea - Guitar, Vocals
      • Lars Hollmer - Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals