Samla Mammas Manna ‎– Måltid

Samla Mammas Manna ‎– Måltid
Release date:1973
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Samla Mammas Manna" ‎was a Swedish Progressive Rock band, formed in the region of Uppsala in 1969 by drummer Hasse Bruniusson, keyboardist Lars Hollmer, percussionist Henrik "Bebben" Oberg and bassist Lars Krantz. This pioneering Swedish band combines folk melodies with hard driving rock improvisations and Zappa-like humor.
Bebben Öberg left the group in 1971, and guitarist Coste Apetrea joined them autumn of 1972.
In 1973 released their second album "Måltid" (Meal Time). The new musical direction of "Samla Mammas Manna" was simply intricate, powerful and extremely cohesive all the way, offering a quirky, mostly instrumental Progressive Rock with influences from Classical, Jazz and Swedish Folk Music in equal portions. This fact can be recognized already from the long opener ''Dundrets Fröjder''.Groovy and frenetic Progressive Rock with shining guitar hooks by Apetrea, bombastic breaks and an impressive, rich sound with dominant keyboard (including organ, Mellotron and electric piano), bass and drums, only interrupted by humurous, wordless vocals.
The rest of the tracks are also pretty outstanding, created by a band that now has found its own style and tight receipt.Crazy short- and mid-length instrumentals with a superb balance between loose moments and extremely tight interplays, characterized by rhythmic heaviness, jazzy improvisations,
The album is one of the titles in the book "A Thousand Swedish Classics".

  1. Dundrets Fröjder
  2. Oförutsedd Förlossning
  3. Den Återupplivade Låten
  4. Folkvisa I Morse
  5. Syster System
  6. Tärningen
  7. Svackorpoängen
  8. Minareten
  9. Værelseds Tilbud

  • Lars Krantz - Bass, Vocals
  • Hasse Bruniusson - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
  • Coste Apetrea - Guitar, Vocals
  • Lars Hollmer - Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals

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