Pandora – Measures Of Time

Pandora – Measures Of Time
Release date:1974
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Pandora" was a Sweedish Progressive Rock band formed in 1971 in Norrköping by drummer Bertil Jonsson and guitarist Urban Götling, later came the singer Peter Hjelm, pianist Janne "Flojda" Dockner and bassist Björn Malmqvist. Götling matured quite early by Åke Rolf (formerly H2O) and Leif Hellqvist. The group played harder rock music in the style of Uriah Heep from the start but then went over to the more symphonic crash and later elements from jazz, rock, when Ulf Stern and Gunnar Hermelin came up with.
In 1974 their released the sole album "Measures of Time", which today is a very difficult found symphonic gem. The style that we see in this rare pearl of the Swedish music scene is an intriguing symphonic hard rock, supported by a lively rhythm section and of great value, with a low always highlight and embroidery piano entered with taste and widely present.
"Pandora" finally split in 1980: Jan, Uffe and then Åke Rolf and Gunnar Hermelin continued their musical career in rock band Flojd & The Boys (which existed from 1975) while Björn Malmqvist entered in the symphonic orchestra of Norrkoping.

  1. Measures Of Time
  2. Dusty Ledger
  3. The Queen
  4. Life Is Good, Life Is Bad
  5. Tailor
  6. Mind Of Confusion

    • Peter Hjelm – Vocals
    • Jan-Erik Dockner (Janne “Flojda” Dockner) – Piano, Moog Synthesizer
    • Leif Hellqvist – Guitar
    • Ake Rolf – Guitar
    • Björn Malmqvist – Bass
    • Bertil Jonsson – Drums

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