Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride

Neon Rose - A Dream Of Glory And Pride
Release date:1974
Genre: Hard Rock

"Neon Rose" was a Hard Rock band from Stockholm formed in 1970 by vocalist Roger Holegard and guitarist Gunnar Hallin,and split in 1975.
The band inspired by "Iron Butterfly", "Emerson, Lake And Palmer" and "Deep Purple".
In 1974 released their debut album "A Dream Of Glory And Pride". The album received a mixed reception.
On March 18  1974 was the first big gig opening for "Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show" at the Stockholm Concert Hall. A gig that was traumatic and after the gig said Stanley Larsson resigned from "Neon Rose".

  1. Sensation
  2. A Picture Of Me
  3. Love Rock
  4. Primo
  5. Let's Go And Get That Boy
  6. Julia's Dream
  7. A Dream Of Glory And Pride

    • Benno Mengarelli - Bass, Vocals
    • Stanley Larsson - Drums
    • Roger Holegård - Guitar, Lead Vocals
    • Piero Mengarelli - Guitar
    • Gunnar Hallin - Guitar

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