Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile
Release date:August 1974
Genre: Hard Rock

Bachman–Turner Overdrive is a Canadian Hard Rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The precursor to BTO was the band Brave Belt, formed in Winnipeg in 1971 by Randy Bachman and Chad Allan, both formerly of The Guess Who, and drummer Robin "Robbie" Bachman.
Randy initially planned to just produce a solo album for Allan, but eventually both he and Robbie stepped in to provide much of the instrumental work.
Their name was inspired by the truckers' magazine Overdrive; Bachman-Turner Overdrive.
In August 1974, released them third (biggest seller) album "Not Fragile" featuring instant classics such as “Roll On Down The Highway” and “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” which sold several million singles, and went to #1 in 21 countries.
"Not Fragile" climbed to #1 on both the U.S. and Canadian album charts and sold eight million copies. The album and single “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” were simultaneously #1 in Billboard, Cashbox and Record World.
When "Not Fragile" was #1, the band had two other charting albums in the top 50: BTO II at #18 and BTO I at #48.

  1. Not Fragile
  2. Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song
  3. Roll On Down The Highway
  4. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  5. Free Wheelin'
  6. Sledgehammer
  7. Blue Moanin'
  8. Second Hand
  9. Givin' It All Away
  • Randy Bachman - Guitar, Vocals
  • Robbie Bachman - Percussion, Drums
  • Blair Thornton - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • C.F. Turner - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Frank Trowbridge - Slide Guitar (on #7)


Mahogany Rush - Strange Universe

Mahogany Rush - Strange Universe
Release date:1975
Genre: Hard Rock
ahogany Rush is a Canadian Hard Rock band from Montreal, formed by guitarist Frank Marino, bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jim Ayoub.
Heavily influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Marino's early guitar-work was frantic but engaging, and showed a lot of promise.
In 1975 released them the third studio album "Strange Universe", a 10 track record which is superbly produced. In my unbiased opinion, this record features his best work of all time.
Every cut on this album stands alone as a great force to be reckoned with. From the very different "King Who Stole The Universe" and the sensuous "Moonlight Lady" down to my favorite rocker "Land of a 1000 Nights", 19 year old Frank pulls out all the stops and delivers a solid performance throughout.
  1. Tales Of The Spanish Warrior
  2. The King Who Stole (...The Universe)
  3. Satisfy Your Soul
  4. Land Of 1000 Nights
  5. Moonlight Lady
  6. Dancing Lady
  7. Once Again
  8. Tryin' Anyway
  9. Dear Music
  10. Strange Universe
  • Frank Marino - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Paul Harwood - Acoustic & Electric Bass
  • Jimmy Ayoub - Drums, Percussion



Triumph - Rock and Roll Machine (Canadian Edition)

Triumph -  Rock and Roll Machine (Canadian Edition)
Release date:November 3, 1977
Genre: Hard Rock

Triumph is a Canadian Hard Rock trio formed in Toronto during 1975. The roots of the band date back to 1975 when Rik Emmett (ex of Act Three), Gil Moore (ex of Sherman & Peabody) and Mike Levine began touring the local Toronto circuit, spreading the word of their head-banging gospel. Backed by Emmett's blending of classical guitar melodies with effects-ridden metal riffs, their reputation gained them a deal with Attic Records in barely a year.
In 1977 released  them second album "Rock & Roll Machine". The title track is a standout due in large part to Emmett’s light-speed guitar solo. Also included are a cover of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” and the two-part “New York City Streets” and the adventurous epic medley “The City”. Triumph’s initial popularity developed in an unusual way.

  1. Takes Time
  2. Bringing It On Home
  3. Little Texas Shaker
  4. New York City Streets, Pt. 1
  5. New York City Streets, Pt. 2
  6. City:
          I)War March
         II)El Duende Aconizante
        III)Minstrel's Lament [Medley]
  7. Rocky Mountain Way
  8. Rock & Roll Machine

  • Rik Emmett – Guitars, Vocals
  • Gil Moore – Drums, Vocals
  • Michael Levine – Bass, Keyboards
  • Laurie Delgrande – Keyboards
  • Mike Danna – Keyboards
  • Beau David – Background Vocals
  • Elaine Overholt – Background Vocals
  • Gord Waszek – Background Vocals
  • Colina Phillips – Background Vocals
  • Rosie Levine – Background Vocals


Moxy - Moxy II

Moxy - Moxy II
Release date:1976
Genre: Hard Rock

Moxy is a Canadian Hard Rock band, formed in Toronto, Ontario, in 1974, from singer Douglas “Buzz” Shearman, guitarist Earl Johnson, bassist Terry Juric and drummer Billy Wade.
In 1976 released them second studio album "Moxy II". While not as strong musically as the debut, the album contained nine songs written by the band members and was almost a carbon copy of the previous effort of the band. The album produced two songs that hit the charts in Canada with "Take It Or Leave It" that reached number 14 and "Cause There's Another" that reached number 16 on the Top 30 on CHUM (AM) in Toronto Canada,[2] and the KISS-FM Texas hits "Midnight Flight" and "One More Heartbreak".
  1. Cause There's Another
  2. Take It Or Leave It
  3. Through The Storm
  4. One More Heartbreak
  5. Slippin' Out
  6. Midnight Flight
  7. Change In My Life
  8. Tryin' Just For You
  9. Wet Suit
  • Buzz Shearman - Vocals
  • Earl Johnson - Guitar, Slide Guitar
  • Buddy Caine - Guitar, Blowbag & Acoustic Guitar
  • Terry Juric - Bass
  • Bill Wade - Drums, Percussion
  • Mika Sharun - Backing Vocals
  • Steve Byron - Backing Vocals
  • The Wisconsin Kid - Backging Vocals



Goddo ‎– Goddo

Goddo ‎– Goddo
Release date:1977
Genre:Hard Rock
Goddo is a Canadian Hard Rock band formed in Scarborough, Ontario in 1975, from bassist Greg Godovitz, Gino Scarpelli (ex Brutus guitarist) and drummer Marty Morin (ex Truck) and made their way around the Toronto bar circuit.
After Morin left and was replaced on drums by Doug Inglis, they were signed to a deal with Polydor.
In 1977 released their debut album "Goddo". The only single was the ominous musical oddysey "Under My Hat."  Along with tracks like "Bus Driver Blues" (about Morin's choice of preferred occupations instead of that of a rock star), "Let It Slide," and "Let That Lizard Loose" let the world know they were a talented power trio with a fresh, straight-forward approach to recording, utilizing few overdubs which helped create the 'raw sound' they would later become known for in a near-unprecendented fashion.
  1. The Bus Driver Blues
  2. Drive Me Crazy
  3. Let That Lizard Loose
  4. I'm Losing You
  5. Let It Slide
  6. Twelve Days
  7. Under My Hat
  8. Hard Years
  • Doug Inglis - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Gino Scarpelli - Guitar, Percussion, Bass (#3)
  • Greg Godovitz - Vocals, Bass, Lead Guitar (#3)
  • Michael Carpenter - Cello (#1)
  • The Zombettes Choir - Choir (#1)
  • Bob Segarini - Backing Vocals (#2)
  • Zorro Ideltkos - Organ (#4)
  • Geordie McDonald - Percussion [Chinese Wind Chimes] (#4)
  • Colin Biggin - Baritone Saxophone (#5)
  • Carlyle Miller - Tenor Saxophone (#5)
  • Dwayne Ford - Electric Piano, Synthesizer (#7)