Triumph - Rock and Roll Machine (Canadian Edition)

Triumph -  Rock and Roll Machine (Canadian Edition)
Release date:November 3, 1977
Genre: Hard Rock

Triumph is a Canadian Hard Rock trio formed in Toronto during 1975. The roots of the band date back to 1975 when Rik Emmett (ex of Act Three), Gil Moore (ex of Sherman & Peabody) and Mike Levine began touring the local Toronto circuit, spreading the word of their head-banging gospel. Backed by Emmett's blending of classical guitar melodies with effects-ridden metal riffs, their reputation gained them a deal with Attic Records in barely a year.
In 1977 released  them second album "Rock & Roll Machine". The title track is a standout due in large part to Emmett’s light-speed guitar solo. Also included are a cover of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” and the two-part “New York City Streets” and the adventurous epic medley “The City”. Triumph’s initial popularity developed in an unusual way.

  1. Takes Time
  2. Bringing It On Home
  3. Little Texas Shaker
  4. New York City Streets, Pt. 1
  5. New York City Streets, Pt. 2
  6. City:
          I)War March
         II)El Duende Aconizante
        III)Minstrel's Lament [Medley]
  7. Rocky Mountain Way
  8. Rock & Roll Machine

  • Rik Emmett – Guitars, Vocals
  • Gil Moore – Drums, Vocals
  • Michael Levine – Bass, Keyboards
  • Laurie Delgrande – Keyboards
  • Mike Danna – Keyboards
  • Beau David – Background Vocals
  • Elaine Overholt – Background Vocals
  • Gord Waszek – Background Vocals
  • Colina Phillips – Background Vocals
  • Rosie Levine – Background Vocals

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