Mountain ‎– Twin Peaks (Japanese Edition)

Mountain ‎– Twin Peaks (Japanese Edition)
Release date:1973
Genre: Hard Rock

"Twin Peaks" recorded live at Osaka Koseinenkin Hall, Japan, August 30, 1973 and was the second live album of "Mountain".
The original release was a double album consisting of a whole second disc (31 minutes, 49 seconds, both sides) LP version of "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" and released in Japan 1973.
The album produced by Pappalardi, the perfomance captures "Mountain" bringing the show to a building close with "Crossroader" giving way to the Cajun heat of "Mississippi Queen", "Silver Paper", and a quick hittin' cover of Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven".

Disc One
  1. Never In My Life
  2. Theme For An Imaginary Western
  3. Blood In The Sun
  4. Guitar Solo
  5. Crossroads
  6. Mississippi Queen
  7. Silver Paper
  8. Roll Over Beethoven
Disc Two
    1. Nantucket Sleigh Ride (Part 1)
    2. Nantucket Sleigh Ride (Part 2)

    • Leslie West - Guitar, Vocals
    • Felix Pappalardi - Bass, Vocals
    • Allan Schwartzberg - Drums
    • Bob Mann - Guitar, Keyboards


    The Runaways ‎– Live In Japan

    The Runaways ‎– Live In Japan
    Release date:1977
    Genre: Hard Rock

    "Live In Japan" recorded at the Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan and the Shibuya Kokaido on June 5, 6 and 12, 1977.
    The album was originally released on 1977 only in Japan, and some other regions including  Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It was not intended for release in the USA or UK.
    “Live In Japan” proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'The Runaways' could (and did) prove it live all night long as a consistent and energising unit.

    1. Queens Of Noise
    2. California Paradise
    3. All Right You Guys
    4. Wild Thing
    5. Gettin' Hot
    6. Rock-N-Roll
    7. You Drive Me Wild
    8. Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin
    9. I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
    10. Cherry Bomb
    11. American Nights
    12. C'mon

    • Cherie Currie - Lead Vocals
    • Joan Jett - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
    • Lita Ford - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Jackie Fox - Bass, Backing Vocals
    • Sandy West - Drums, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Wild Thing"


    Cheap Trick - At Budokan

    Cheap Trick - At Budokan
    Release date:1978
    Genre: Hard Rock

    "At Budokan" is a live album by 'Cheap Trick' recorded in Tokyo on April 28 and 30, 1978, and released in 1978.
    'Cheap Trick' had already released "Cheap Trick" and "In Color" at the time of Budokan's recording, as most of their setlist culls tunes from those respective albums, but a few songs from their upcoming smash "Heaven Tonight" also appeared.
    The album was ranked number 426 in Rolling Stone magazine's list of "the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time".
    In the U.S., the album peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 and became the group's best selling album with over three million copies sold.

    1. Hello There
    2. Come On Come On
    3. Look Out
    4. Big Eyes
    5. Need Your Love
    6. Ain't That A Shame
    7. I Want You To Want Me
    8. Surrender
    9. Goodnight Now
    10. Clock Strikes Ten

    • Robin Zander – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    • Rick Nielsen – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Tom Petersson – Bass, Backing Vocals
    • Bun E. Carlos – Drums


    Suzi Quatro ‎– Live And Kickin' (Japanese Edition)

    Suzi Quatro ‎– Live And Kickin' (Japanese Edition)
    Release date:1977
    Genre: Hard Rock

    "Live And Kickin'" released in Australia and Japan in 1977.
    The album recorded live at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo June 12th, 1977 at Osaka Kosei-Nenkin Kaikan, Osaka June 15th, 1977, during Suzi's 1977 tour of Japan.
    A great album, and a reminder of just what a powerful performer Quatro was.

    Disc One
    1. The Wild One
    2. The Honky Tonk Downstairs
    3. Heartbreak Hotel
    4. Half As Much As Me
    5. Cat Size
    6. Make Me Smile
    7. American Lady
    8. Glycerine Queen
    Disc Two
      1. What's It Like To Be Loved
      2. Can The Can
      3. Devil Gate Drive
      4. Roxy Roller
      5. Tear Me Apart
      6. Keep A-Knockin'

      • Dave Neal - Drums, Backing Vocals
      • Mike Deacon - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
      • Len Tuckey - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
      • Suzi Quatro - Bass, Lead Vocals


      Judas Priest ‎– Priest In The East (Live In Japan) (Japanese Edition)

      Judas Priest ‎– Priest In The East (Live In Japan) (Japanese Edition)
      Release date:1979
      Genre: Heavy Metal

      "Priest In The East" is the first live album of "Judas Priest's" recorded live at Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan February 10, 1979 and Nakano Sunplaza Hall, Tokyo, Japan February 15, 1979,
      during the "The Killing Machine/Hell Bent For Leather Tour".
      The album released in 1979 as "Unleashed In The East" at UK includes a free 3 tracks E.P. and "Priest In The East" at Japan includes a free 4 tracks E.P.
      Notable tracks include an extended version of ‘Sinner’, the vocally complex ‘The Ripper’ (which Halford performs brilliantly), a great version of the Fleetwood Mac song ‘The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)’, the classic ‘Diamonds And Rust’ which is sped up a decent amount and the epic ‘Victom Of Changes’.
      "Priest In The East" became the band's best-selling album up to that point, reaching the US Top 100 and the UK Top Ten, eventually the album became one of the five "Judas Priest" albums to gain a RIAA platinum certification.

      Disc One
      1. Exciter
      2. Running Wild
      3. Sinner
      4. Ripper
      5. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
      6. Diamonds And Rust
      7. Victim Of Changes
      8. Genocide
      9. Tyrant

      Disc Two Bonus

        1. Rock Forever
        2. Delivering The Goods
        3. Hell Bent For Leather
        4. Starbreaker

        • Rob Halford – Vocals
        • K. K. Downing – Lead Guitar
        • Glenn Tipton – Lead Guitar
        • Ian Hill – Bass Guitar
        • Les Binks – Drums


        Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes

        Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes
        Release date:1978
        Genre: Hard Rock

        "Tokyo Tapes" is the first live album by "Scorpions" and their final album released by RCA Records.
        The album recorded live in Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, April 24 & 27, 1978, and released at the same year first to Japan then to Europe and in 1979 in US.
        "Tokyo Tapes" includes songs from all Scorpions' albums released before 1978.
        It was the right time to put out a live recording to represent the end of an era, and satisfy the fans who had been demanding an official concert release for long.
        Japan was the chosen place, where the German metallers had always been acclaimed and admired.
        Since Deep Purple’s “Made In Japan”, the Asian country had become a special location to perform rock shows, some had some kind of fetish with it. So, the band was ready to introduce in front of a huge devoted Japanese crowd the “Taken By Force” album new tracks and also perform some of the previous classics, a bunch of them.
        The gig starts pretty intense, with casual melodic tracks like “Backstage Queen” or “Pictured Life”.
        “He’s A Woman - She’s A Man”, “Dark Lady” or “Speedy’s Coming” are absolutely brutal, pure aggression and speed, on which Rudolf and Uli’s fierce riffing becomes so damn harsh, relentless, like nobody else did by that time. Each of these compositions becomes certainly superior, much more passionate, loose, violent and solid than anything "Scorpions" did before.
        hese shows were guitarist Uli Jon Roth's last performances with the band, who had announced his departure after the release of the studio album "Taken By Force".

        Disc One
          1. All Night Long
          2. Pictured Life
          3. Backstage Queen
          4. Polar Nights
          5. In Trance
          6. We'll Burn The Sky
          7. Suspender Love
          8. In Search Of The Peace Of Mind
          9. Fly To The Rainbow
          Dick Two
          1. He's A Woman, She's A Man
          2. Speedy's Coming
          3. Top Of The Bill
          4. Hound Dog
          5. Long Tall Sally
          6. Steamrock Fever
          7. Dark Lady
          8. Kojo No Tsuki
          9. Robot Man

          • Klaus Meine - Lead Vocals
          • Ulrich Roth - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Polar Nights", "Fly to the Rainbow" and "Dark Lady"
          • Rudolf Schenker - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar intro on "He's a Woman - She's a Man", Lead Guitar on "Steamrock Fever" and "Long Tall Sally"
          • Francis Buchholz - Bass, Backing Vocals
          • Herman Rarebell - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


          Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‎– Japan Tour (Canadian Edition)

          Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‎– Japan Tour (Canadian Edition)
          Release date:1977
          Genre: Hard Rock

          "Japan Tour" recorded live in 1976 at Budokan, Japan.
          Although criticized as simply being one of many live records to be cut that year in front of a rock-starved Japanese crowd, was a fine indication of the brand of entertainment the group delivered live, and in fact was one of the first live albums taped in Japan.
          "Japan Tour" was released in 1977 only in Canada and Japan at the time, which is surprising seeing as how popular the band were in the US.

          1. Roll On Down The Highway
          2. Hold Back The Water
          3. Welcome Home
          4. Don't Get Yourself In Trouble
          5. Four Wheel Drive
          6. Takin' Care Of Business
          7. Slow Down Boogie
          8. Thank You - Domo

          • Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
          • C.F. Turner - Bass, Vocals
          • Blair Thornton - 2nd Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
          • Robbie Bachman - Drums


          UFO ‎– UFO Landed Japan (Japanese Edition)

          UFO ‎– UFO Landed Japan (Japanese Edition)
          Release date:1971
          Genre: Hard Rock

          "UFO Landed Japan" is the third album by the band "UFO" released only in Japan in 1971.
          The album recording live at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan in September 25, 1971.
          The concert recording also carries two alternative titles "Live" and "Lands In Tokyo".
          Soon after the conclusion of the Japanese tour dates, guitarist Mick Bolton quit UFO to join the "Pink Fairies".

          1. C'mon Everybody
          2. Who Do You Love?
          3. Loving Cup
          4. Prince Kajuku/The Coming Of Prince Kajuku
          5. Boogie For George
          6. Follow You Home

          • Phil Mogg - Vocals
          • Mick Bolton - Lead Guitar
          • Pete Way - Bass
          • Andy Parker - Drums