UFO ‎– UFO Landed Japan (Japanese Edition)

UFO ‎– UFO Landed Japan (Japanese Edition)
Release date:1971
Genre: Hard Rock

"UFO Landed Japan" is the third album by the band "UFO" released only in Japan in 1971.
The album recording live at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, Japan in September 25, 1971.
The concert recording also carries two alternative titles "Live" and "Lands In Tokyo".
Soon after the conclusion of the Japanese tour dates, guitarist Mick Bolton quit UFO to join the "Pink Fairies".

  1. C'mon Everybody
  2. Who Do You Love?
  3. Loving Cup
  4. Prince Kajuku/The Coming Of Prince Kajuku
  5. Boogie For George
  6. Follow You Home

  • Phil Mogg - Vocals
  • Mick Bolton - Lead Guitar
  • Pete Way - Bass
  • Andy Parker - Drums

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