Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‎– Japan Tour (Canadian Edition)

Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‎– Japan Tour (Canadian Edition)
Release date:1977
Genre: Hard Rock

"Japan Tour" recorded live in 1976 at Budokan, Japan.
Although criticized as simply being one of many live records to be cut that year in front of a rock-starved Japanese crowd, was a fine indication of the brand of entertainment the group delivered live, and in fact was one of the first live albums taped in Japan.
"Japan Tour" was released in 1977 only in Canada and Japan at the time, which is surprising seeing as how popular the band were in the US.

  1. Roll On Down The Highway
  2. Hold Back The Water
  3. Welcome Home
  4. Don't Get Yourself In Trouble
  5. Four Wheel Drive
  6. Takin' Care Of Business
  7. Slow Down Boogie
  8. Thank You - Domo

  • Randy Bachman - Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • C.F. Turner - Bass, Vocals
  • Blair Thornton - 2nd Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Robbie Bachman - Drums

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