Bush ‎– Bush

Bush ‎– Bush
Release date:1970
Genre: Hard Rock

When Dominic Troiano left Mandala in 1969, he was looking for a change from the high class big band r&b rhythms.
Along with Mandala-mates vocalist Roy Kenner and Pentti 'Whitey' Glan on drums, they moved to Arizona early the next year to get different musical vibes and a fresh start. They recruited bassist Parkash John and formed the band "Bush" in 1970. "Bush" soon began touring with "Steppenwolf" and "Three Dog Night".
In 1970 released their first and only album was self-titled and like the band's name, straight forward, simple, catchy and easy. Tracks like the lead off "Back Stage Girl, "Got To Leave The City," "Messin' Around With Boxes" and their only single "I Can Hear You Calling" all showed Troiano and company were looking for a different direction, straight to the bones driving rhythms.
By the spring of 1971, the band had very little money and only a small following.
In June, after a gig at the Bitter End in Los Angeles, Troiano, Kenner, Glan, and John decided to pull the plug on Bush. Although Bush was history, Three Dog Night recorded the band's song "I Can Hear You Calling" and included it as the B-side of their own single "Joy to the World."
The single turned out to be one of the group's best sellers.

  1. Back Stage Girl
  2. Yonge Street Patty
  3. Got To Leave The City
  4. I Miss You
  5. Grand Commander
  6. Cross Country Man
  7. I Can Hear You Calling
  8. Messin' Around With Boxes
  9. Livin' Life
  10. Turn Down
  11. Drink Your Wine

  • Roy Kenner - Congas, Vocals
  • Pentti 'Whitey' Glan - Drums
  • Parkash John - Bass
  • Dominic Troiano - Guitar, Vocals


James Gang - Passin' Thru

James Gang - Passin' Thru
Release date:October 1972
Genre: Hard Rock

When  guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist, Joe Walsh left the band, the remaining members, Dale Peters (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Jim Fox (drums and organ) were joined by ex-Bush singer Roy Kenner and guitarist Domenic Troiano.
Public reaction to the new group was mixed. At a show in Santa Monica, California, the band was pelted with eggs, tomatoes, and pennies.
In October 1972 released the fifth studio album "Passin' Thru". Once again, the album featured the distinct Kenner/Troiano sound, but the songs sounded more focused and radio-ready than before. In addition, guest musicians from Nashville gave several songs a country feel. Passin' Thru sold modestly and received mixed reviews.
This album is the last James Gang recording featuring guitarist Domenic Troiano, who was replaced by Tommy Bolin.

  1. Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
  2. One Way Street
  3. Had Enough
  4. Up To Yourself
  5. Everybody Needs A Hero
  6. Run, Run, Run
  7. Things I Want To Say To You
  8. Out Of Control
  9. Drifting Girl

  • Roy Kenner - Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
  • Domenic Troiano - Guitars, Backing Vocals
  • Dale Peters - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Jim Fox - Drums, Backing Vocals, Organ


Domenic Troiano ‎– Domenic Troiano

Domenic Troiano ‎– Domenic Troiano
Release date:1972 
Genre: Blues Rock

In 1972 when Domenic Troiano left "James Gang" released his solo debut album "Domenic Troiano".  The album recorded shortly after Bush broke up, and his group of musicians included all of his former bandmates. Consequently, this is probably the closest we'll come to hearing what a second album from Bush would have sounded like.
Although the level of musicianship is high, the focus of the album is its mainstream sound and pop-oriented arrangements.
A few of the songs might have gotten airplay if Dom's voice was tailored more for Top 40 radio. The album opens with "The Writing's on the Wall," which was later covered by the '70s band Skylark.
Opening with a short organ solo, "Let Me Go Back" is a sentimental song about playing music with the good ol boys, back in the good ol days. "I Just Lost a Friend" is quite personal, and it was actually released as a single to promote the album.
"Domenic Troiano" album is quite enjoyable and has lots to offer. It's also important to note the co-production work by James Gang producer Keith Olsen came at a time when Olsen was engineering Dr. John for Jerry Wexler. That seems to have had an influence on this project.

  1. The Writings On The Wall
  2. The Answer
  3. Let Me Go Back
  4. I Just Lost A Friend
  5. Try
  6. The Wear And The Tear On My Mind
  7. Is There No Rest For The Weary
  8. Hi Again
  9. 356 Sammon Ave.
  10. Repossession Blues

  • Prakash John - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Lonnie Shetter - Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone
  • Penti Glenn - Drums
  • Domenic Troiano - Guitar, Lead Vocals
  • William Smith - Organ, Backing Vocals
  • Tessie Calderone - Percussion, Congas
  • Roy Kenner - Percussion, Vocals
  • Hugh Sullivan - Piano, Organ
  • Red Rhodes - Steel Guitar
  • Bunk Gardner - Tenor Saxophone
  • Jay Cantrelli - Tenor Saxophone
  • Buzz Gardner - Trumpet

The Guess Who - Flavours

The Guess Who - Flavours
Release date:January 1975
Genre: Rock

When Domenic Troiano left "The James Gang" , Burton Cummings approached him about joining "The Guess Who".
"Flavours" is the thirteenth studio album by The Guess Who, released in 1975.
The album was the first of the two albums with Domenic Troiano.
The single, "Dancin' Fool" cracked the American top 40.  "Loves Me Like a Brother" a nice moment, while "Diggin' Yourself," "Hoe Down Time," and "Nobody Knows His Name" are all very listenable.

  1. Dancin' Fool
  2. Hoe Down Time
  3. Nobody Knows His Name
  4. Diggin' Yourself
  5. Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
  6. Dirty
  7. Eye
  8. Loves Me Like A Brother
  9. Long Gone

  • Burton Cummings - Lead Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
  • Garry Peterson - Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion
  • Domenic Troiano - Background Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin
  • Bill Wallace - Background Vocals, Bass