Flower Travellin' Band ‎– Anywhere

Flower Travellin' Band ‎– Anywhere
Release date:October 21, 1970
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

'Anywhere' is the debut album by Japanese Rock group 'Flower Travellin' Band' released in 1970 by Polydor Records and produced by Yuya Uchida.
The only original composition that is an original band one on here is "Anywhere" which is short a soulful blues harp piece that appears both on the beginning and the end, while it's not quite clear what the lyrics are actually saying as with other parts of the album it still shows the great performance with powerful amount of lung capacity matched with chops and bold playing.
The slightly progressive psychedelic element is quite potent and gracefully astute with a band picking up on everything so well and providing lengthy psych jam tracks.
Four long cover versions make the material 'Louisiana Blues' by 'Muddy Waters', 'Black Sabbath' by 'Black Sabbath', 'House Of The Rising Sun' and '21st Century Schizoid Man' by 'King Crimson'.
The album cover (Easy Rider-style), yet again features a daring and provocative cover with full-blown bravado especially during the time they did it and in their own more conservative country Japan, setting it as an iconic memorable cover of an album that is actually pretty promising.
    1. Anywhere
    2. Louisiana Blues
    3. Black Sabbath
    4. House Of The Rising Sun
    5. Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man
    6. Anywhere
    • Jun Kozuki - Bass
    • Joji Wada - Drums
    • Hideki Ishima - Guitar
    • Joe (Akira Yamanaka) - Vocals, Harmonica

    Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink

    Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink
    Release date:January 1970
    Genre:Psychedelic Rock

    'Frijid Pink' was one of the most successful of the many hard rock bands emanating from Detroit in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In 1970 they released their debut album 'Frijid Pink'.
    They were the first rock group from the Motor City to chart a Top Ten single, 1970’s “House Of The Rising Sun”, and the first to have their self-titled debut album crack the Top Twenty on Billboard’s Top Albums chart.
    'Tell Me Why', backed with 'Cryin’ Shame', was the first single to be released in advance of the album. Issued in 1969, it was a blast of grungy Motor City hard rock that fit right in with the recent releases by the 'MC5' and 'The Stooges'.
    It was popular in Detroit and north along the I-75 corridor, but the single might have been a little too raw to gain much airplay outside of the state.
    1. God Gave Me You
    2. Crying Shame
    3. I'm On My Way
    4. Drivin' Blues
    5. Tell Me Why
    6. End Of The Line
    7. House Of The Rising Sun
    8. I Want To Be Your Lover
    9. Boozin' Blues
    • Tom Beaudry (aka Kelly Green) - Lead Vocals
    • Gary Ray Thompson - Guitars
    • Tom Harris - Bass
    • Richard Stevers - Drums
    • Larry Zelanka - Keyboards