Mahogany Rush - Strange Universe

Mahogany Rush - Strange Universe
Release date:1975
Genre: Hard Rock
ahogany Rush is a Canadian Hard Rock band from Montreal, formed by guitarist Frank Marino, bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jim Ayoub.
Heavily influenced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Marino's early guitar-work was frantic but engaging, and showed a lot of promise.
In 1975 released them the third studio album "Strange Universe", a 10 track record which is superbly produced. In my unbiased opinion, this record features his best work of all time.
Every cut on this album stands alone as a great force to be reckoned with. From the very different "King Who Stole The Universe" and the sensuous "Moonlight Lady" down to my favorite rocker "Land of a 1000 Nights", 19 year old Frank pulls out all the stops and delivers a solid performance throughout.
  1. Tales Of The Spanish Warrior
  2. The King Who Stole (...The Universe)
  3. Satisfy Your Soul
  4. Land Of 1000 Nights
  5. Moonlight Lady
  6. Dancing Lady
  7. Once Again
  8. Tryin' Anyway
  9. Dear Music
  10. Strange Universe
  • Frank Marino - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Paul Harwood - Acoustic & Electric Bass
  • Jimmy Ayoub - Drums, Percussion



  1. Great post! I first heard of Frank in 1979 through a hard rock compilation - and been a fan ever since. Still waiting for new material (and his now infamous DVD...). Much appreciated, thank you. And thanks a lot for the Ironhorse album, just found the vinyl version after years of searching (I live in Belgium). Cheers!

  2. Thank you Chris C for visiting our blog. Soon we will present more material from "Mahogany Rush" and as I understand you must be fan of 'Canadian Rock'.
    Always we will be here for comments and requests.
    Thank you!