Kaipa ‎– Kaipa

Kaipa ‎– Kaipa
Release date:1975
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Kaipa" is a  Swedish Progressive Rock band formed to the autumn of 1973, when three professional musicians from Uppsala, namely Hans Lundin (keyboards), Tomas Eriksson (bass) and Thomas Sjöberg (drums) decided to form a group playing their own music. It was a very personal music with influences from pop, rock, classical music, and Swedish traditional folk melodies.
Hans met Tomas in the late 60’s when he joined Hans in his band S:t  Michael Sect (later San Michael’s). This band issued an eponymous album with original material in 1971. Another album was recorded in 1972, but never released until 2009. The band broke up in January 1973.
Hans and Tomas continued to work together backing artists like Emile Ford, Umberto Marcato and Harpo. After the split, Hans continued to write songs. By 1973 he had grown tired of backing other artists and wanted instead to try his new songs in a band. So he suggested that Tomas join him and form a band playing their own music. Thomas Sjöberg joined the band, and they started rehearsing intensively to find their own style as a trio. The name of the band was "URA KAIPA". It referred to a Swedish Stone Age chieftain and came from the book “Svenskarna och deras hövdingar” by Werner von Heidenstam.
The band made three concerts in the spring of 1974. Sadly, Thomas Sjöberg was hit by cancer and couldn’t rehearse regularly any more. He was forced to leave the band, and was replaced by Ingemar Bergman.
In the summer of 1974 the group shortened the name and became simply "Kaipa".
In 1975 released their debut album "Kaipa". The recording session was completed in nine days between 4 and 26 July 1975 at Marcus Music Studios in Stockholm.
Throughout their first album, Kaipa could certainly stake a claim as one of the leading Scandinavian progressive acts.

  1. Musiken Är Ljuset
  2. Saker Har Två Sidor
  3. Ankaret
  4. Skogspromenad
  5. Allting Har En Början
  6. Se Var Morgon Gry
  7. Förlorad I Istanbul
  8. Oceaner Föder Liv

  • Roine Stolt - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocal
  • Hans Lundin - Hammond Organ, Rhodes Electric Piano, Yamaha Synthesizers, Harpsicord,                               Logan Stringmachine, Glockenspiel, Lead Vocal
  • Tomas Eriksson - Bass, Vocal
  • Ingemar Bergman - Drums, Percussion, Vocal

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