Music Portraits - Domenic Troiano

Domenic Troiano was born in Modugno, Italy on January 17, 1946. His family moved to Toronto, Canada three years later.
In his early teens, Domenic developed a love for rock and R&B music. Troiano picked up the guitar at 15. Basically teaching himself how to play and without any formal training, by the age of 18 he'd joined "Robbie Lane & The Disciples".
They got their big break in December of '63 when Ronnie Hawkins hired them as a second backup group. The first song he ever wrote, "The One For Me," became the B-side of "Robbie Lane & The Disciples" first single.
Troiano stayed for eight months until musical differences set in. He continued to develop his own style of playing. Domenic joined the house band at Toronto's Blue Note club. The group soon began playing venues besides the famous Toronto hangout. After leaving the Blue Note, the group named themselves "The Five Rogues", then "The Rogues", and later "Mandala".
Throughout his many years in the music business, Domenic Troiano played the role of guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and composer. Specifically as a guitarist, he gained a devoted following in Canada, America, and Europe that exists to this day.
By learning from his heroes and experimenting on his own, Troiano developed his own unique sound and a technical skill that only a handful of guitarists acquire.
Although he never enjoyed great commercial success, Domenic Troiano will be remembered simply for his impressive body of work.
Domenic succumbed to cancer on May 25, 2005 in his Toronto home, exactly one year after his last live performance at the Orbit Room.
Following his death, his family set up "The Domenic Troiano Guitar Scholarship", where two $1,500 scholarships are presented annually to Canadian guitarists - one male, one female who are pursuing post-secondary guitar education. 


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