Munju ‎– High-Speed Kindergarten

Munju ‎– High-Speed Kindergarten
Release date:1977
Genre: Krautrock

A typical Schneeball fusion band at the start, "Munju" originated in Würzburg circa 1976 as the new group of ex-'Missus Beastly' and 'Erna Schmidt' winds-player Jürgen Benz.
A notable 'Kraan' feel lived in their early recordings, with the bass being the kingpin of it all, with a multi-percussion axis and excellent solo work from the guitar and winds.
They became part of the independent musicians owned record label & distribution "Schneeball" together with 'Embryo', 'Missus Beastly', 'Ton Steine Scherben' and many more.
On their debut album, "High-Speed Kindergarten" "Munju" presents fine instrumental jazz rock with some Krautrock- and Latin influences.
"Munju" was first and foremost a touring live band. They played way over 1000 gigs in the 10 + years of their existence. Most of the gigs took place all over Germany and the highlights were tours through Italy, Sicily, Sweden, Austria, France, Spain and Switzerland.
  1. Kirschsuppe
  2. Fall Oslip
  3. Patschamenga Underground (Part I+II)
  4. Talk To Me But I Listen To You
  5. High Speed Kindergarten
  • Jürgen Benz - Alto Saxophone, Flute
  • Dieter Kaudel - Guitar
  • Wolfgang Salomon - Bass
  • Thomas Römer - Drums
  • Joseph Spector - Congas

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