Wyoming - Wyoming

Wyoming - Wyoming
Release date:1971
Genre: Blues Rock

An unusual name for a band, indeed, "Wyoming" proved to be basically the vehicle for Munich folk singer 'Pete Bender', along with 'Rainer Marz' and friends, playing a soft blend of styles with a few progressive elements.
The debut LP "Wyoming", recorded in 1971 at Dieter Dierks Studios in Cologne and released the same year. Amounted to a patchy album with some real strong moments and, being light rock with a wealth of Mellotron and folky touches, it hints at British groups like 'Spring' or 'Cirkus'.

  1. September Day
  2. Saying Things
  3. Can't Go Wrong
  4. I'm Weeping
  5. Seven Days
  6. Two Faced Woman
  7. Livin In Sorrow
  8. Let The Light Shine On Me
  9. Who Turned The Light On

  • Pete Bender - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Mellotron
  • Rainer Marz - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Percussion
  • Jürgen Ermisch - Guitar, Clavinet, Vocals, Percussion
  • Bernd Billhardt - Drums

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