Night Sun ‎– Mournin'

Night Sun ‎– Mournin'
Release date:1972
Genre: Hard Rock

Largely undocumented, the history of "Night Sun" comes out of the melting pot of bands from the Mannheim area, interconnected with the likes of 'Kin Ping Meh' and 'Twenty Sixty Six And Then'.
The origins of the band lay in the late 1960s jazz band 'Take Five' who were popular in the Rhine Neckar Area of Germany.
Many musicians passed through the band during their three year existence, including ex-British army servicemen based in Germany.
Not surprisingly, "Night Sun" had a very British heavy style, with 'Deep Purple' and 'Led Zeppelin' influences, spiced up by Teutonic fusion and psychedelic touches.
"Night Sun" released their sole album "Mournin'" in 1972.
After they split Bruno Schaab went on to 'Guru Guru', and Knut Rössler stepped further into his oeuvre in the jazz-rock band 'Chameleon'.
  1. Plastic Shotgun
  2. Crazy Woman
  3. Got A Bone Of My Own
  4. Slush Pan Man
  5. Living With The Dying
  6. Come Down
  7. Blind
  8. Nightmare
  9. Don't Start Flying
  • Walter Kirchgässner - Guitar
  • Bruno Schaab - Vocals, Bass
  • Ulrich Staudt - Drums
  • Knut Rössler - Organ, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone

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