Pinguin ‎– Der Grosse Rote Vogel

Pinguin ‎– Der Grosse Rote Vogel
Release date:1972
Genre: Krautrock

"Pinguin" formed by ex-members of the psychedelic band 'Talix', and that's about all we know about them! "Pinguin" are amongst the most mysterious of bands.
The band recorded their sole album "Der Grosse Rote Vogel" between September and November 1971 and released in 1972. "Der Grosse Rote Vogel" is a Krautrock classic album, dark and sinister, in the realms of Drosselbart and Eulenspygel. "Pinguin" blended all sorts of unlikely elements into a rock music that trips out and flies off at tangents, topped by superbly gothic German vocals.
  1. Der Große Rote Vogel
  2. Die Angst
  3. Der Frosch In Der Kehle
  4. Der Blaue Wind
  5. Die Nachtmusik
  6. Der Traum

  • Markus Schaub - Guitar, Percussion, Choir
  • K.D. Blahak - Drums
  • Volker Plitz - Organ, Percussion
  • Joe Voggenthaler - Guitar, Percussion
  • Elmar Kast - Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Percussion, Choir
  • Klaus Gebauer - Vocals
  • Tom Wohlert - Basses, Bongos, Choir