Wallenstein ‎– Blitzkrieg

Wallenstein ‎– Blitzkrieg
Release date:1971
Genre: Symphonic Rock

The band formed in Mönchengladbach by classically trained art student Jürgen Dollase in autumn 1971 as 'Blitzkrieg', with an international cast of American Bill Barone, Dutchman Jerry Berkers, and local friend Harald Grosskopf.
The provoking band name (from a German point of view) was changed later by Dollase for legal reasons, because the name were already used by an English rock band. They decided on "Wallenstein", a notorious character of the Thirty Years War.
Just before the end of 1971, "Wallenstein" produced the first four music themes at Studio Dierks in Stommeln, near Cologne. This record was called “Blitzkrieg” according to the former band name.
The opening track "Lunatic" has the energy of High Tide crossed with the complexity of the finest Italian classical rock. Not unlike Mythos' Stephan Kaske, Jürgen Dollase had a similarly strong accented Peter Hammill style of singing, which lead to "Wallenstein" often being quoted as a German classical twist on 'Van Der Graaf Generator'.
But there was more to "Wallenstein" than that!

  1. Lunetic
  2. The Theme
  3. Manhatten Project
  4. Audiences

  • Bill Barone - Guitars, Vocals
  • Harald Grosskopf - Drums, Percussion
  • Jürgen Dollase - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Jerry Berkers - Bass, Vocals

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