Out Of Focus ‎– Wake Up!

Out Of Focus ‎– Wake Up!
Release date:1970
Genre: Krautrock

"Out Of Focus" formed in late-1968 in Munich, they rapidly established a stylish and refined blend of rock and jazz, that drew in psychedelic overtones and also a profound socio-political awareness in Moran Neumüller's songs.
The early albums exhibited that unique character of Krautrock (akin to 'Xhol', 'Thirsty Moon', etc.) with pure invention in a music that transcends boundaries, taking the rock song beyond its normal format with extended instrumentals featuring an abundance of solos and surprises. I would argue that "Out Of Focus" started excellent, and got even better with each album. "Wake Up!" is a music as exclamatory as the title, very underground and still with an air of psychedelia.
  1. See How A White Negro Flies
  2. God Save The Queen, Cried Jesus
  3. Hey John
  4. No Name
  5. World's End
  6. Dark, Darker

  • Remigius Drechsler - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Hennes Hering - Keyboards
  • Moran Neumüller - Vocals, Saxophone, Flute
  • Klaus Spöri - Drums
  • Stefan Wisheu - Bass

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