Tyll ‎– Sexphonie

Tyll ‎– Sexphonie
Release date:1975
Genre: Progressive Rock

Formed as 'Eulenspygel' by the pre-Royal Servants guitarist Det Fonfara and ex-Eulenspygel drummer Günter Klinger.
Apparently, their original live set included 'Eulenspygel' repertoire, arranged differently, which naturally caused confusion with concert-goers, and after conflicts and legal wrangles with the real 'Eulenspygel' these changed name to "Tyll".
On their sole LP release "Sexphonie" they played an unusual progressive with folky and psychedelic touches, sometimes close to 'Floh De Cologne' and 'Eulenspygel', with theatrical elements, yet surprisingly instrumental for a band featuring three solo vocalists!
Typical of releases on Kerston Records they were very Teutonic, non-commercial, with a very varied range of styles and lots of invention.
  1. Tim
  2. Sexphonie
  3. Asiatische Liebeserklärung
  4. Paranoia Eines Verliebten
  5. Nervenzusammenbruch Einer Gitarrre
  6. Siamesische Überraschung
  7. Kristinas Traum
  8. Delirium Song
  9. b.Grammophon
  10. Rita
  11. Suzie Steno
  12. Für Michael Pfadpfinder
  13. Morgenlicht

  • Michael Scherf - Vocals
  • Ulrike Schempp - Vocals
  • Susanne Schempp - Vocals
  • Det Fonfara - Guitar
  • Achim Bosch - Bass
  • Günter Klinger - Drums


  1. What a great lp I never thought i'd like this man was i wrong.

  2. Thank you Spunkie for visiting to our blog. We will continue to upload lots of albums from Progressive Rock scene because we have a special tribute to Krautrock.