Lied Des Teufels ‎– Lied Des Teufels

Lied Des Teufels ‎– Lied Des Teufels
Release date:1973
Genre: Krautrock

Part of a strange legacy of bands, these were previously known as 'Hanuman', who were in turn ex-'Murphy Blend', changing name after the original leader Wolf-Rüdiger Uhlig left. They named themselves after the closing track on the 'Hanuman' album.
'Lied Des Teufels' (in English "Song of the Devil") made a much more aggressive politico-German rock, stylistically between 'Out Of Focus', 'Floh De Cologne' and 'Ton Steine Scherben', being all the more theatrical and offbeat on their second album. Very German and quite heavy going in the lyric department, the music nonetheless - sizzled!
Throughout their career 'Lied Des Teufels' certainly did play "Hellish Hot Rock music".
  1. Wenn Du Fragst
  2. Nichts
  3. Steht Nicht Abseits
  4. Gott, Geld Und Freiheit
  5. Ich Bin Nur Ein Kind
  6. Das Lied Des Teufels
  • Thomas Holm - Drums, Vibes
  • Jörg Hahnfeld - Bass
  • Ralf Schultze - Guitars, Vocals
  • Peter Barth - Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Flute

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