Saga ‎– Saga

Saga ‎– Saga
Release date:June 1978
Genre: Progresssive Rock

"Saga" are a Progressive Rock quintet formed  in Oakville, Ontario from the core of "Fludd", bassist Jim Chricton, Peter Rachon on keyboards and drummer Steve Negus, they recruited Chricton's younger brother Ian on guitars. Pockets was born.
The group toured the local Toronto area doing bars for a few months until singer Michael Sadler left a local group called "Truck" to become their frontman. His vocal stylings blended with their progressive yet eclectic sound. It wasn't long before the group was noticed by Maze Records and signed to a deal shortly thereafter.
In 1978 released them debut album "Saga" and was instantly met with rave reviews for their tight, sophisticated approach. Though the single, "How Long" failed to make an impression on the charts here, it received constant airplay in Britain and Germany. Also heavy on the charts overseas was "Humble Stance". Two of the songs, "Will It Be You? (Chapter Four)," and "Tired World (Chapter Six)," were part of a series of eight (but later sixteen) songs that Saga included within their first four albums called "The Chapters", which told the story of a young Albert Einstein.

  1. How Long
  2. Humble Stance
  3. Climbing The Ladder
  4. Will It Be You? (Chapter Four)
  5. The Perfectionist
  6. Give 'Em The Money
  7. Ice Nice
  8. Tired World (Chapter Six)

  • Ian Crichton - Guitar
  • Jim Crichton - Synthesizer, Bass, Moog
  • Peter Rochon - Keyboards, Vocals, Moog
  • Steve Negus - Percussion, Drums
  • Michael Sadler - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

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