Brave Belt ‎– Brave Belt II

Brave Belt ‎– Brave Belt II
Release date:1972
Genre: Rock

"Brave Belt" was a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba formed in January of 1971 by Randy and Robbie Bachman and Chad Allan.
As a trio, it fell upon Randy to handle the duties of laying down the bass tracks while they searched for someone to take over full-time. They hired CF (Fred) Turner after their first album had all but been completed.
In 1972 they released them second album "Brave Belt II" . With Randy again at the controls, the sessions were taking a heavier turn, with Turner contributing more 4 tracks on his own and co-writing "Put It In A Song" with Randy. At the same time Allen was contributing less - though he did co-write "Dunrobin's Gone", the group's biggest hit along with Bob Ericson, and penned "Waterloo Country" and helped the Bachmans with two other tracks.
The band's only song written solely by an outsider was also present, with "Long Way Round" by Charles Charles. But by the time Brave Belt II was released that summer, Allen's vision of the group, and the conflicts which arose from it, had led to his departure.
He was replaced by a third Bachman, Tim and the group honed their chops touring pretty much non-stop in western Canada.

  1. Too Far Away
  2. Dunrobin's Gone
  3. Can You Feel It
  4. Put It In A Song
  5. Summer Soldier
  6. Goodbye, Soul Shy
  7. Never Comin' Home
  8. Be A Good Man
  9. Long Way 'Round
  10. Another Way Out
  11. Waterloo Country

  • Randy Bachman - Guitar, Vocals
  • Robbie Bachman - Drums, Vocals
  • C.F. Turner - Bass, Vocals
  • Chad Allan - Keyboards

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