Et Cetera ‎– Et Cetera

Et Cetera  ‎– Et Cetera
Release date:1976
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Et Cetera" formed in Quebec, hence the use of the French language in their music. The band formed around the mid-seventies by Marie Bernard Pagé, Denis Chartrand, Pierre Dragon, Robert Marchand and Alain-Yves Pigeon.
"Et Cetera" is the debut album of the group released in 1976. The album was the answer to the British group Gentle Giant which was very popular in Quebec at that time.
One of the more interesting points on this album is the use of the instrument called Ondes Martenot.
This is a relatively obscure electronic instrument that is very similar to the Theremin.

  1. Et La Musique Tourne
  2. Éclaircie
  3. Entre Chien Et Loup
  4. Apostrophe
  5. Newton Avait Raison
  6. L'Age Dort
  7. Tandem

  • Marie Bernard Pagé - Keyboards, Ondes Martenot, Vocals
  • Denis Chartrand - Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone, Vibraphone, Vocals
  • Pierre Dragon - Drums, Percussion
  • Robert Marchand - Guitars, Vocals
  • Alain Yves Pigeon - Bass, Cello, Vocals

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