Eden ‎– Eden

Eden ‎– Eden
Release date:1978
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Eden" was a French-Canadian Progressive Rock quartet from Quebec, comprised of Jean-Bernard Borja, Robert Boileau, Gilles Favreau and Jean Rémillard.
Their music was a nice mixture of Quebecois-styled prog/folk a la Harmonium, Cano or Le Temps mixed up with a few classical references.
In 1978 their released the sole album "Eden". There are eight good compositions progressive rock type, with special mentions to "Allias", "Pavane" and "La Ballerine Musclee".
Whatever happened to them after the album was released, remains a mystery.

  1. Allias
  2. Pavane
  3. La Ballerine Musclee
  4. Transe
  5. Arabesque
  6. Louis Le Cancre
  7. Intuition
  8. La Foret

  • Jean-Bernard Borja - Bass, Vocals
  • Robert Boileau - Keyboards
  • Gilles Favreau - Guitar
  • Jean Rémillard - Drums

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