Pollen ‎– Pollen

Pollen ‎– Pollen
Release date:1976
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Pollen" was a French Progressive Rock band from Quebec, formed in 1972 by Jacques Tom Rivest and Richard Lemoyne. They were joined the following year by Serge Courchesne who suggest that they recruit two keyboardists, Claude "Mego" Lemay and Serge Locat. It was too late for Locat though as he already had committed to join Harmonium. The group thus pursued its destiny with four musicians.
The name of the band came by chance when, in the kitchen of the house where they lived together, spotted a jar of flower
In the spring of 1976, Pollen released their debut and last album "Pollen". The vocals are in French, which is common for the French Canadian groups. The album was launched during the a show at the Grand Théatre de Québec where Pollen shared the headline act with Caravan.

  1. Vieux Corps De Vie D'ange
  2. L'étoile
  3. L'indien
  4. Tout'L Temps
  5. Vivre La Mort
  6. La Femme Ailée

  • Jacques Tom Rivest - Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards 
  • Sylvain Coutu - Drums, Vibraphone, Percussion 
  • Claude Lemay - Keyboards, Flute, Vibraphone, Bass, Vocals 
  • Richard Lemoyne - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Bass

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