Solid Ground ‎– Made In Rock

Solid Ground ‎– Made In Rock
Release date:1976
Genre:Hard Rock

"Solid Ground" was a legendary Swedish Hard Rock band formed in Stockholm in 1974.
In 1975 the band played a lot of gigs around the Stockhholm area, and also some places outside Stockholm. They also recorded their first single record, with the two tracks “Tell me” and “My song”.
In 1976 they released their sole album "Made In Rock" that was notable for the great guitar work of Björn Uhr. The album's best track is probably its longest, "Solid Ground" itself, which, coincidentally, also features its only Mellotron work (player unknown), with a repeating strings chord sequence under the lengthy guitar duet at the song's conclusion.

  1. Saturday Rae (Handrock)
  2. Just Tell Me
  3. This Bloody Town
  4. Mata Hari
  5. Oh Lord
  6. Tombstone Kiss
  7. Rock'n Roller
  8. 16 Track
  9. Solid Ground

  • Björn Uhr - Electric Guitar, Vocals
  • Peter Eklund - Bass
  • Gösta Hjelmqvist - Guitar, Vocals
  • Anders Berge - Drums, Percussion

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