Mr.Brown - Mellan Tre Ögon

Mr.Brown - Mellan Tre Ögon
Release date:1977
Genre: Progressive Rock

On a vacation trip to Mallorca the teenage boys Håkan Andersson and Bo Carlberg enjoyed a local cover band performance in a pub. As this was in 1972 the band played some Carlos Santana songs, and this has a profound impact on these young men, and they immediately formed a band upon their return to Sweden. Andersson and Carlberg both played the guitar and back  in Älmhult, Robert Svensson (Bass) and Kjell Johansson (Drums) joined them for full band jam sessions.
The band was influenced by the more-symphonic bands of the time such as Genesis, Camel, Jethro Tull and even fellow countrymen Kaipa.
In 1977 "Mr.Brown" released their sole album "Mellan Tre Ögon". The album is made up of eight tracks, three of which are instrumental compositions. One of those coming with lyrical content, "Tornet", features only slow synthesizer passages in the instrumental department.

  1. Suicide
  2. Recall The Future
  3. Resan Till Ixtlan
  4. Universe
  5. Kharma 74
  6. Liv I Stad Utan Liv
  7. Tornet
  8. I'll Arise

  • Håkan Andersson - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandoline, Vocals
  • Bo Carlberg - Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Lars Meding - Electric Guitar
  • Anders Nilsson - Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Logan Strings, Arp Synthesizers, Bells, Tabla
  • Jan Peter Stråhle - Flute
  • Robert Svensson - Bass
  • Kjell Johansson - Drums

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