Leslie West ‎– The Great Fatsby

Leslie West ‎– The Great Fatsby
Release date:March 1975
Genre: Hard Rock

'The Great Fatsby' is the second album by Leslie West.
It was released on Bud Prager's Phantom Records in March 1975 and distributed by RCA Records. The album features Mick Jagger on rhythm guitar.
The album  opens with a nice and bluesy Paul Kelly tune, "Don't Burn Me," and for the post-Mountain work here, that direction works best.
"The House of the Rising Sun" features a duet with Dana Valery and is an interesting read on the traditional tune made famous by the 'Animals'.
The instrumental "E.S.P." might be the strongest statement here (isn't that the name of label owner Bud Prager's management firm, E.S.P.?). With 12-string guitars and superb musicianship, it's the best of West on display.
Gary Wright makes an appearance on this album on piano, and 'The Great Fatsby' emerges as a unique look at an important rock & roll artist with some surprises tucked inside.
  1. Don't Burn Me
  2. House Of The Rising Sun
  3. High Roller
  4. I'm Gonna Love You Through The Night
  5. E.S.P.
  6. Honky Tonk Women
  7. If I Still Had You
  8. Doctor Love
  9. If I Were A Carpenter
  10. Little Bit Of Love
  • Leslie West - Guitars, Vocals
  • Gary Wright - Piano
  • Corky Laing - Drums
  • Mick Jagger - Guitar
  • Kenny Hinckle - Bass
  • Don Kretmar - Bass
  • Nick Farrentella - Drums
  • Marty Simon - Piano
  • Joel Tepp - Guitar
  • Howie Wyeth - Piano
  • Dana Valery - Vocals
  • Jay Traynor - Vocals

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