Curly Curve ‎– Curly Curve

Curly Curve ‎– Curly Curve
Release date:1973
Genre: Krautrock

'Curly Curve' originated in Berlin in the late-1960's, with blues singer Heiner Pudelko and Kurt Herkenberg (briefly an early member of Tangerine Dream), as an underground psychedelic rock band. In 1969 Alex Conti joined, then fresh out of 'Psy Free'.
But, things didn't work out, with too many members coming and going, so the band folded and then reformed anew in Spring 1970, this time trying a rock fusion sound. Again the band folded with Alex Conti leaving in May 1972 going to 'Atlantis'.
By the time of their debut album, their style had mellowed somewhat as a variably heavy blues rock, obviously inspired by the late-1960's British scene (of John Mayall, Steamhammer, Groundhogs, etc.), though they did have a unique style, with some slight progressive touches, and were fronted by a particularly odd gruff blues singer.
Although considered collectable nowadays, their album is admittedly one of the less exciting of the Brain catalogue rarities.
  1. Hell And Booze
  2. I'm Getting Better
  3. All Things Clear
  4. Bitter Sweet
  5. Shitkicker
  6. Dream For Today
  7. Patricia Reprise
  8. Queen Of Spades
  • Martin Knaden - Guitar
  • Hanno Bruhn - Vocals, Guitar
  • Kurt Herkenberg - Bass, Vocals
  • Chris Axel Klöber - Keyboards
  • Hans Wallbaum - Drums