Bullfrog ‎– Bullfrog

Bullfrog ‎– Bullfrog
Release date:1976
Genre: Blues Rock

'Bullfrog' originated from Cologne circa 1976, as the amalgam of musicians from various local bands. Gerd Hoch came from 'Sound Edge' (who also featured Zeus B. Held, later of Birth Control), Vincent Trost had played with 'The German Four', and Sebastian Leitner was with 'Lazarus Round'.
They were unusually a rather heavy-handed hard-rock and melodic progressive on their albums, notable for their unusual 'Rod Stewart' like gravel-voiced vocalist Gerd Hoch, but with little in the way of a distinctive style or originality.
Really, they sounded British, not at all Krautrock, and only really of interest to hard-rock fans and Sky label collectors!
  1. Movin' On
  2. Bad Game
  3. I Came From The Sky
  4. I'm Comin' Home
  5. Get Away
  6. Desert Man
  • Sebastian Leitner - Guitars
  • Gerd Hoch - Vocals
  • Harald Kaltenecker - Keyboards
  • Vincent Trost - Bass
  • Bruno Perosa - Percussion
  • Ute Hellermann - Choir
  • Jane Palmer - Choir

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