Geordie ‎– Don't Be Fooled By The Name

Geordie ‎– Don't Be Fooled By The Name
Release date:1974
Genre: Hard Rock

'Don't Be Fooled By The Name' is the second studio album by 'Geordie'.
The album was a bit of a letdown after their debut, which merged the swagger of Hard Rock with the tuneful bombast of blue-collar Glam acts typified by 'Slade'.
In some respects, 'Don't Be Fooled By The Name' suggests 'Geordie' were aiming for something a bit more mature and adventurous than they achieved on their debut, and they didn't entirely fail -- they reveal a tough, Bluesy side on their cover of "House Of The Rising Sun," a number that suits 'Brian Johnson's' industrial-strength pipes, and the "St. James Infirmary" lift in opening cut "Goin' Down" leans toward the same direction.
'Mercenary Man' boasts an undercurrent of sociopolitical commentary that wasn't normally the band's stock in trade, and "Ten Feet Tall"'s dynamics and guitar work (the latter courtesy of group leader Vic Malcolm) suggests 'Geordie' had been studying their early Led Zeppelin albums.
  1. Goin' Down
  2. House Of The Rising Sun
  3. So What
  4. Mercenary Man
  5. Ten Feet Tall
  6. Got To Know
  7. Little Boy
  8. Look At Me
  • Brian Johnson - Vocals
  • Vic Malcolm - Lead Guitar
  • Tom Hill - Bass Guitar
  • Brian Gibson - Drums

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