Albatros - Garden Of Eden

Albatros - Garden Of Eden
Release date:1978
Genre: Progressive Rock

'Albatros' were formed in Hagen in February 1974. Despite reputedly winning a number of local talent contests over the years, they never managed to secure a record contract. I gather these were to be signed to Sky, but got turned down due to a glut of too many such German hard-rock progressives at the time.
Eventually the band decided to produce an album themselves recorded at a friend's studio near Frankfurt. To me it's obvious why 'Albatros' never scored a record contract, as they were not great musicians, and Sky already had far superior acts like 'Streetmark' and 'Ramses'. But, it should be said, for an amateur band with very limited resources 'Garden Of Eden' is ambitious in that features just three long complex tracks. I'm not so keen on the singer, but as a big band with a penchant for instrumental drives and solos he doesn't get given too much room.
These had the potential to do an excellent album, based on this. It's a pity they didn't.
  1. A Man Like Me
  2. Sundriver
  3. Garden Of Eden
  • Peter Breitbarth - Guitar
  • Thomas Büscher - Drums
  • Achim Hubricht - Bass
  • Harald Hubricht - Keyboards
  • Christian Köppen - Piano
  • Hansi Köppen - Vocals
  • Jürgen Polzin - Congas

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