Randy Bachman ‎– Axe

Randy Bachman ‎– Axe
Release date:1970
Genre: Rock

Randy Bachman before departure from "The Guess Who" in May 1970, recorded a solo album for RCA Records "Axe" over three days in March 1970.
The album is a brilliant instrumental work, highlighting the importance of Bachman to the band he was in the process of leaving. A Don Troiano is listed twice here, and it's unclear if this is actually the future replacement for Bachman in the "Guess Who", Domenic Troiano.
Don Troiano performs guitar solos on "Pookie's Skuffle," "Take the Long Way Home," "Tin Lizzie," and "Noah" with his guitar in the right speaker side. On "Tally's Tune," Troiano is the middle solo.
Among others, featured on the album was "Tally's Tune", a song written for Randy's son Tal, who would go on to score big on his own in 2000 with "She's So High".
But saying "Axe" didn't light the critics' typewriters on fire is an understatement. Regardless, the album would go on to become a true collectible among his legions of fans, showing his jazz and blues roots.
He officially announced his departure from "The Guess Who" that same year when the band was ready to start recording "Share The Land".

  1. Zarahemla
  2. Not To Return
  3. Pookie's Skuffle
  4. Tally's Tune
  5. Take The Long Way Home
  6. La Jolla
  7. Tin Lizzie
  8. Suite Theam
  9. Noah

  • Garry Peterson - Drums, Congas, Percussions
  • Wes Dakus - Pedal Steel
  • Randy Bachman - Guitars and Bass
  • Domenic Troiano - Guitar