The Collectors - Grass And Wild Strawberries

The Collectors - Grass And Wild Strawberries
Release date:1969
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

The Collectors were formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1961 and they were originally known as the C-Fun Classics. The group were featured as the house band 'The Classics' on 'Let's Go', a weekly CBC TV show. The Classics remained in Canada and were next heard on a single released by DJ Fred Latremouille called 'Latromotion'.
With a slight name change to the Canadian Classics in 1966, they released a single on the Los Angeles based Vault record label called 'I Don't Know' b/w 'Gone Away'.
This became a minor success for the band and started getting their name known in the US market.
At this time in mid 1966, The Classics had a line-up of Howie Vickers (vocals), Terry Frewer (guitar), Claire Lawrence (saxophone), Brian Newcombe (bass), and Ross Turney (drums).
However, by the time New Syndrome showed an interest in The Classics, there was a further change in the group's line-up with Bill Henderson joining on guitar instead of Terry Frewer and Glenn Miller rejoining on bass instead of Brian Newcombe.
With the line-up change, the band reinvented themselves as "The Collectors" (although unnamed at this stage) in 1966.
In 1969 released their second and final album "Grass And Wild Strawberries".  A collaboration with the poet and playwrite George Ryga, the album was based on his stage play of the same name.
The songs were shorter, more plentiful, a little more toned down and slightly less out in left field, making them more palatable to the general public. The single "Early Morning" was on the stands early the next year and other cuts like the title track, "Teletype Click," and "Seventeenth Summer" showcased the band's development and maturity.

  1. Overture
  2. Grass And Wild Strawberries
  3. Things I Remember
  4. Don’t Turn Away (From Me)
  5. Teletype Click
  6. Seventeenth Summer
  7. The Long Rain
  8. My Love Delights Me
  9. Dream Of Desolation
  10. Rainbow Of Fire
  11. Early Morning
  12. Sheep On The Hillside

  • Bill Henderson - Guitar, Keyboards, Back Vocals
  • Claire Lawrence - Flute, Saxophone, Harmonica, Organ, Back Vocals
  • Ross Turney - Drums, Percussion
  • Glenn Miller - Bass, Back Vocals
  • Howie Vickers - Lead Vocal

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