Jackson Hawke ‎– Forever

Jackson Hawke ‎– Forever
Release date:1976
Genre: Rock
Jackson Hawke formed in 1974, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario,high school friends Tim Ryan and Bob Yeomans had already been in and out of a number of Toronto bands for over a decade.
Later in 1973, the two re-teamed in Toronto where they gave it another shot as the band "Hero".
Nothing much became of the band after that and Ryan left to once again pursue his solo career.
With little effect on the music industry, Ryan packed up his solo career and emerged once more with Yeomans and Gene Falbo (ex of Aaron Space on bass) and Texas native Chris Castle on drums as a new version of "Hero".
They signed with Capitol Records in the spring of '76, and the band changed its name after Ryan's and Yeoman's grandfathers, Joe Jackson and Andy Hawke.
In 1976 they released the debut album  "Forever". While the first single, "You Can't Dance" was cracking the top 40 throughout Ontario, DJs got a surprise bonus when their cover of Van Morrison's "Into The Mystic" on the b-side also became a hit. With the exception of that song, all the tracks were written by Ryan and Yeomans. "She's The One" was released as the next single, and other noteable tracks included "She's Gonna Get Away," "Brazil Nuts," and the tender "The Night Music" and "No Sad Songs." The album featured session drummer Larrie Londin but with the need to tour and capitalize on a Juno Awards nomination in 1976, they brough Bob "The Crow" Clarke onboard as new drummer.
  1. Into The Mystic
  2. She's Gonna Get Away
  3. Brazil Nut
  4. Ain't No Cowboys
  5. Forever
  6. You Can't Dance
  7. Fortune
  8. The Nightmusic
  9. She's The One
  10. No Sad Songs
  • Tim Ryan - Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
  • Bob Yeomans - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Gene Falbo - Bass, Vocals
  • Chris Castle - Drums



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