April Wine - April Wine

April Wine - April Wine
Release date:September 1971
Genre: Hard Rock
It all began in Nova Scotia late in 1969. The Henman brothers, David and Ritchie, got together with their cousin Jim Henman and fellow musician Myles Goodwyn to form a band called April Wine, a name chosen simply because they were two words that sounded good together.
The band went through numerous configurations over the years, and Goodwyn—who was also the main songwriter—was the only consistent member.
By the spring of 1970 April Wine had relocated from Halifax to Montreal and released their debut album "April Wine" in September 1971.
This first album established Myles Goodwyn as a composer with "Fast Train" receiving much airplay throughout Canada and becoming the main reason April Wine was able to record a second album.
In the fall of 1971 Jim Henman left the band and was replaced by Montreal native Jim Clench.
  1. Oceana
  2. Can't Find The Town
  3. Fast Train
  4. Listen Mister
  5. Page Five
  6. Song For Mary
  7. Wench
  8. Time
  • Jim Henman - Vvocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
  • Ritchie Henman - Percussion, Keyboards
  • David Henman - Vocals, Guitar, Sitar
  • Myles Goodwyn - Vocals, Guitar


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