Humble Pie - Street Rats

Humble Pie - Street Rats
Release date:February 1975
Genre: Hard Rock
"Street Rats" was the eighth studio album by the English rock group Humble Pie, released in 1975.
The album captures Humble Pie mid-implosion; in fact, according to the group’s members, it wasn’t even supposed to be a Humble Pie record at all. Bandleader Steve Marriott, burned out after one too many tours, wanted to take a break from making the band his top priority, and although their label, A&M Records, was impatient for more Pie product, he opted instead to begin work on three LPs — a solo album, a duo record with the group’s bassist Greg Ridley, and a proper Pie release.
Unsurprisingly, between this scattershot creative approach and the musicians’ overall burnout, the results were not exactly coherent.
The album went to #100 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States.
  1. Street Rat
  2. Rock And Roll Music
  3. We Can Work It Out
  4. Scored Out
  5. Road Hog
  6. Rain
  7. There 'Tis
  8. Let Me Be Your Lovemaker
  9. Countryman Stomp
  10. Drive My Car
  11. Queens And Nuns
  • Greg Ridley - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Jerry Shirley - Drums
  • Steve Marriott - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Clem Clempson - Guitar, Slide Guitar
  • Mel Collins - Session Musician (Horn)
  • Tim Hinkley - Session Musician (Keyboards)



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