Esperanto - Last Tango

Esperanto - Last Tango
Release date:1975
Genre: Progressive Rock
For Esperanto's last album, gone is singer Keith Christmas (and to a lesser extent 2nd violin Tony Harris) and in comes the duo of Kim Moore and Roger Meakin.
But the core of the group again remains intact, and still they don't find the need for a guitarist.
With a disturbing artwork about a disturbed dancer, this album is even more impressive than the previous Danse Macabre.
It was also recorded in the famous French studios of Hérouville, and does it ever sound like it.
The title track was recorded in both French (La drôle de fin) and Spanish (El tonto aquel) versions by Sylvie Vartan.
  1. Eleanor Rigby
  2. Still Life
  3. Painted Lady
  4. Obsession
  5. The Rape
  6. Last Tango
  • Timothy Kraemer - Сello
  • Bruno Libert - Keyboards
  • Gino Malisan - Bass
  • Tony Malisan - Drums
  • Roger Meakin - Vocals
  • Kim Moore - Vocals
  • Geoffrey Salmon - 2nd Violin
  • Raymond Vincent -  1st Violin


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