Ian Gillan Band - Child In Time

Ian Gillan Band - Child In Time
Release date:July 1976
Genre: Jazz Rock
Child In Time" is the debut album of Ian Gillan after leaving Deep Purple.
The album title is of course taken from Deep Purple's finest song, which appeared on the "Deep Purple In Rock" album. Ian Gillan has said that "Child In Time" is based on "It's A Beautiful Day's" song "Bombay Calling".
Roger Glover both produced and played on synthesiser.
The album reached #55 in the UK and #36 in the Swedish album charts.
  1. Lay Me Down
  2. You Make Me Feel So Good
  3. Shame
  4. My Baby Loves Me
  5. Down The Road
  6. Child In Time
  7. Let It Slide
  • Ian Gillan – Vocals and Harmonica
  • Ray Fenwick – Guitars, Slide Guitar and Vocals
  • John Gustafson – Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Mark Nauseef – Drums and Percussion
  • Mike Moran – Keyboards
  • Roger Glover – Synthesizer, Kalimba and Vocals


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