Gravestone ‎– Doomsday

Gravestone ‎– Doomsday
Release date:1979
Genre: Krautrock

Formed as a group of 15 year old school friends in 1975, and first existing under the names 'Heizkörper' and then 'Oregon'. 'Gravestone' were formed proper in late-1976. They came from the town of Illertissen (a good few miles south of Ulm) and tried to create a mixture of hard-rock and spacey styles.
For many years we'd known of 'Gravestone' as a heavy metal band of the mid-1980's, so it was a surprise to learn of their more progressive roots.
Their debut album 'Doomsday' was a largely instrumental collection, with only two songs "Doomsday" opening the album in a Harlis/Jane/Epitaph type vein, and "Stone Age" a much more typical Teutonic heavy prog ballad. The instrumentals, which are of varying recording quality, all seem to be extracts or condensed reworks of longer jams.
    1. Doomsday
    2. Life In The Coffin
    3. Hope
    4. On The Run
    5. Stone Age
    6. Corinne
    7. Summer '78
    • Wolfgang Ritter - Lead Guitar
    • Rudi Dorner - Rhythm Guitar
    • Berti Majdan - Bass, Lead Vocals
    • Andy Müller - Organ, Background Vocals
    • Mike Schmidt - Drums, Percussion

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