Eden ‎– Erwartung

Eden ‎– Erwartung
Release date:1978
Genre: Krautrock

A huge band with a confused history, 'Eden' drew on a wide range of musics in their complex progressive style, lots of folk references, adapted classical melodies, etc.
Aptly, in tune with their name, 'Eden' were also very much a religious group, as virtually all of their songs use texts taken from the Bible, and amount to Teutonic rock-opera's in a sense.
At their best (as on 'Erwartung') 'Eden' come across as a blend of early 'Renaissance', 'Novalis' and 'Hoelderlin', together with some neo-progressive touches and all sorts of other prog, folk and symphonic touches!
The multi-instrumental nature of their music made for a rich palette of sound, and a wide variety of instrumental elements contrasting with the esoteric German vocal elements.
'Eden' are interconnected with various other bands on the Lord and Pila labels.
  1. Spätregen
  2. Erwartung
  3. Eden, 1. Teil
  4. Eden, 2. Teil
  5. Ein Anderes Land
  • Marcus Egger - Vocals
  • Anne Dierks - Vocals
  • Annette Schmalenbach - Vocals
  • Mario Schaub - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocals
  • Dirk Schmalenbach - Violin, Piano, Synthesizers, Sitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
  • Hans Fritzsch - Guitars
  • Michael Dierks - Organ, Piano, Clavinet, String Ensemble, Vocals
  • Michael Claren - Bass, Vocals
  • Hans Müller - Drums, Percussion
  • Emil Wirth - Congas

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