Taste Of Blues ‎– Schizofrenia

Taste Of Blues ‎– Schizofrenia
Release date:1969
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

"Taste Of Blues" was formed in Malmö in 1967 by Anders Stridsberg (vocals), Rolf Fredenberg (guitar), Claes Ericsson (keyboards, violin), Robert Möller (bass) and Patrick Erixson (drums).
Anders Stridsberg was a big fan of "Paul Butterfield", "John Mayall" and "Cream".
In 1969 released their debut album "Schizofrenia". Prior to recording this album the band had gained a good reputation as they played gigs constantly throughout Scandanavia, including opening for "Frank Zappa and the Mothers" as well as the "Jefferson Airplane" in the summer of 1969.
During the band recorded their album American singer Don Washington replaced Stridsberg.
The psychedelic title track takes up the entire first side of the album and features creative guitar work from Rolf Fredenberg. The other highlight is the more structured "Another Man's Mind".
The band broke up soon after the album’s release and Claes Ericsson and Patrik Erixson went on to form "Asoka".

  1. Schizofrenia
  2. A Touch Of Sunshine
  3. On The Road To Nidaros
  4. Another Kind Of Love
  5. Another Man's Mind
  6. What Kind Of Love Is That

  • Rolf Fredenberg - Guitar
  • Claes Ericsson - Keyboards, Violin
  • Robert Möller - Bass
  • Patrik Erixson - Drums
  • Don Washington - Vocals

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