Gandalf ‎– Gandalf

Gandalf ‎– Gandalf
Release date:1977
Genre: Progressive Rock

"Gandalf" was a Swedish Progressive Rock band formed in Uppsala in 1976.
In 1977 released their debut album "Gandalf". It was pressed in five hundred copies and distributed privately, since a deal with the Oktober label fell through due to the fact that the song "Plastisk Svensson" was considered anti-working class. The primitively recorded album contains Progressive Rock with prominent guitars and features political lyrics in both Swedish and English.

  1. Plastic Svensson
  2. Morgondimman
  3. Verkligheten
  4. Betygsterror
  5. Den Vita Snön
  6. Miljöförstöring
  7. Värderingar Om Skolan
  8. Balladen Om Fyristorg
  9. The Spoon

  • Johan von Feilitzen - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
  • Mats Ågren - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
  • Michael Schlömer - Flute
  • Lars Linell - Bass
  • Per Åke Persson - Drums

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