Panta Rei ‎– Panta Rei

Panta Rei ‎– Panta Rei
Release date:1973
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

"Panta Rei" was a Swedish Psychedelic Rock band formed in Uppsala around 1970 by guitarist Thomas Arnesen.
The line-up was Arnessen, Trolin, Östman and the Wihma brothers.
In 1973 released their debut sole album "Panta Rei". Guesting on the album were jazzers Gunnar Lindqvist (flute) and Göran Freese (saxophone), who both previously played in G.L. Unit.
The result was one of the most impressive progressive albums ever recorded in Sweden. The arrangements display great variety and flair with the flutes, guitars, maracas, timbales, harmonica, and remarkable percussion. An amazing combination of trippy blissed-out guitar raves, complex compositions, and consciousness-expanding improvisation, centered around the band's solid playing and Thomas Arnesen's terrific, searing guitar leads.
The psychedelic rock music with English lyrics and long delightfully hokey instrumental parts - and the cover of the naked man and the cats - has made the disc into a sought after collector's items.
"Panta Rei" was a great live act and did several sessions for Swedish radio. In 1974 the band changed its name to "Allting Flyter" (Everything Floats) which was a Swedish translation of their latin name.

  1. Five Steps
  2. White Bells
  3. Five O'Clock Freak
  4. The Knight
  5. The Turk

  • Thomas Arnesen - Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
  • Leif Östman - Guitar, Percussion
  • Cary Wihma - Bass Guitar, Percussion
  • Georg Trolin - Percussion, Vocals
  • Tomo Wihma - Drums

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