Joni Mitchell - Blue

Joni Mitchell - Blue
Release date:June 22, 1971
Genre: Folk Rock
Roberta Joan Anderson (Joni Mitchell) was born on November 7, 1943, in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada. Her parents, Bill and Myrtle moved with their young daughter to North Battleford, Saskatchewan after the end of World War II. When she was 9 years old, Joni and her family moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the "city of bridges," which Joni has since referred to as her hometown.
In June 1971 released her fourth album "Blue" but it had nearly reached the record buying public in a quite different form.
In early March of 1971, the masters for the album were sent by Reprise to their record plants, and at least a few reel to reel copies of the album were recorded with a different song list.
But word came down before many reels were produced that Joni had decided to recall the master tape and substitute two new songs - "All I Want" and "The Last Time I Saw Richard" - for two of the older ones.
The two songs deleted were "The Urge For Going", which appeared in 1972 as the B-side to "You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio", and "Hunter (The Good Samaritan)", which has yet to appear on any record.
The album reaching #15 on the Billboard 200 and #3 in the UK Albums Chart. The single "Carey" reached #93 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 
  1. All I Want
  2. My Old Man
  3. Little Green
  4. Carey
  5. Blue
  6. California
  7. This Flight Tonight
  8. River
  9. A Case Of You
  10. The Last Time I Saw Richard
  • Joni Mitchell – Appalachian Dulcimer, Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Stephen Stills – Bass and Guitar on "Carey"
  • James Taylor – Guitar on "California", "All I Want", "A Case Of You"
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow – Pedal steel on "California", "This Flight Tonight"
  • Russ Kunkel – Drums on "California", "Carey", "A Case Of You"

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